Large Rotisserie Pit BBQ

Large Rotisserie Pit BBQ.

LEGO Man Costume!

LEGO Man Costume!.

Been sick

Well I’ve been sick since last Thursday,  out with my sick child since Tuesday evening.  Yes his parents picked it up caring for him

I Made That on Pinterest | 23 Pins

I Made That on Pinterest | 23 Pins.

Christmas Build Plans

Here’s a great little project you can do to add some Christmas Holiday decorations to your house, and these make great gifts too. All

Steel Labels, My Site For Sore Eyes

Add Stickers to your tools, tool boxes and get organized! Steel Labels, My Site For Sore Eyes.

Don’t paint there…

Attempting to cut some layers of primer paint on an outdoor project I was working on – I chose to use a little leftover

Project Tickler

Pumpkin Fence

One of the things I like to do each Friday is check out the Friday Video that Steve releases (Wood Working for Mere Mortals)

Reclaimed Wood

When I came across some projects I wanted to tackle requiring pallet wood – the first thing I did was contact a friend at